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Broken Spring Repair

As per the estimates made by the experts a normal garage door spring lasts for 10,000 times you open or close a garage door. So if you are a person who uses his or her garage door more than usual people because of your job or your family responsibilities, we urge you to check the spring more often as it may break early. You won’t like it to embarrass you when you have guests coming with their own vehicles, would you?

If the spring is really giving you trouble then you should not hesitate to get in touch with Garage Door Repair, Sea Gate, NY. We will make sure that you get a high quality spring that lasts long and you end up avoiding the problem of broken spring in the near future.

Though the cost of a spring is very low, you may wish to reduce it when you have asked us to do more work on your garage door like its maintenance, repair of other parts, etc. In such cases, we would like you to check out our Coupon page that will let you know of any concessions you can get when you hire us. If the concession is there on the page, we assure you that all our technicians will abide by it.